The God Enamored, Spirit Filled Life! What a Life! What a purpose!


The focus of our Women’s ministry is to see women set free in all areas of their lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. Women from all ages meet weekly to be encouraged and strengthened through Bible Study, discipling, and praying for one another. Our greatest desire is not only to know Jesus but to also make Him known to others. To not only to fall in love with Jesus, but to encounter His presence in a tangible way on a consistent basis. To allow the Holy Spirit to permeate the love of the Father into our hearts making us into the daughters of the Most High God and to become all that He has called us to be. We desire to take what we have received and share it with others so that they too can experience the width, the length, the height, and the depth of God’s amazing love. This has become our highest joy.

Women in the Body of Christ join together in Life Groups each week. These groups meet throughout the city of New Orleans and its surrounding areas. Our Life Groups are filled with women who worship, study the Bible together, and flourish into the women that God has created them to be. There are also groups that focus on the “practical”, such as healthy living, eating, parenting, finances, etc. In these groups, you will find a diverse group of women from all walks of life that are committed to see each other succeed. Find one today near you!


The heart and soul of Victory are the people that join together in our services and at our various festivities! We always have something exciting to look forward to at Victory! Check out our upcoming events below and join in on the fun.


Find your purpose by joining together to impact our world for Christ. The women of Victory have found that one of the most important purposes in their lives is to join together with the body of Christ! Not only to partake of His Spirit, but to do life together and to share that life with others. Whether at a retreat, a luncheon, in the nursing homes, or in weekly bible studies, joy and laughter seem to be the song continuously sung that unifies us together. The women at Victory, teach, pray, and minister to children. We minister to the elderly and to those in prison bound by addictions. We minister to both the stay at home mom and to the working woman, all in hopes to see ALL set free to experience the fullness of Redemption! The God Enamored, Spirit Filled Life! What a Life! What a purpose!