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Pastor Joy Jones

Pastor Joy Jones

Young Adult & Women's Pastor

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Pastor Joy Jones has always had a heart to love and care for people, especially women, she’s a girly girl! After giving her life to Jesus at Beyond The Grave in 2013, that love flourished and she knew deep inside there was more. She enrolled into Bethesda College School of Ministry and began serving in different ministries in the church. In 2020, Joy graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies and was licensed as a Pastor. Today, Joy pastors in the Women’s Ministry and alongside her husband, Pastor Terrance Jones, in the Young Adult’s Ministry.

 Her bubbly, charismatic, larger than life personality enables her to minister to each and every woman she meets and spread the JOY of the Lord with every encounter. After a God given revelation of her name and her identity in Christ, Pastor Joy has full confidence of God’s call on her life and His purpose for her. She loves to minister this same revelation to women so they too can know who they are in Christ Jesus.

 She and Pastor Terrance are best friends. They have been married since 2010 and have two sons. Pastor Joy always jokes about being a girl in a boy’s world lol! This is why in her free time she enjoys shopping, manis/ pedis, singing (only to Jesus) massages and spending quality time with her family and much needed girl time with her friends. But this is all if the world were perfect, most of her free time is spent being a mom; cooking, cleaning, laundry and chasing two active boys, worshipping, dancing, and singing in the Spirit while she does it lol!!!! What a life!

Fun fact about Pastor Joy, she is also a licensed nurse and practiced nursing from 2013 to 2018. Today she considered herself still doing nursing, but instead of physical needs she cares for people’s spiritual needs.