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In the Song of Solomon there is a lovely verse that says; “A bundle of myrrh is my well beloved unto me; he shall lie all night betwixt my breasts. My beloved is unto me as a cluster of camphire in the vineyards of En–gedi.” Thank God he stays with us all “through the night seasons of our lives!” I hate to be the typical stereotype but yes, I was the pregnant cheerleader at the young age of 14. Although I might try to justify myself I will spare you. I wasn’t born again and well it was the 70’s, being raised in a somewhat turbulent home unchurched. Just a few months later, while living at an unwed mothers home in New Orleans, I had a beautiful baby girl which I gave up for adoption. Oh, how I wish I could rewind the tape! But it all led me to my redemption moment.

Two years later from that horrible experience, I came to Jesus a broken down nothing of a teenager with absolutely nothing to lose. He has become to me “that bundle of myrrh that lies all night between my breasts.” He comes to us in our night seasons and brings a sweet smelling incense to our pain and sorrow. We can join Joseph while he is down in the prison, forsaken and accused yet dreaming of better days. He gives us songs in the night, fills us with his grace and communicates himself to us till the day breaks. Frank and I married two weeks later in August 73′ and left for bible school in California and returned to pastor Victory Church in 1979. Forty seven years later the storms have come and gone through our lives but they can never take away what is hidden deep within. Together we had four more beautiful children and are celebrating our 5 grandchildren growing up around us.

For over 43 years I’ve had the honor of pastoring our church along with my husband in the New Orleans area. I’ve had so much fun through all the years, creating the children’s ministry, bringing in our school and daycare, holding women’s conferences, retreats, and bible studies “for such a time as this”. When our children struggled with addictions, I spent time in the women prisons. Ten years ago, we launched Mary’s Song Restoration Center for Women; a one year program for women in addiction. In 2017, we purchased property and launched phase two, where the girls could transition into community getting jobs and reuniting with their children called Bethseda Community. It is in this atmosphere that I really saw redemption work in its finest. He is to them their bundle of myrrh that they hold onto in the night seasons. I also realized the importance of community in the church as in the book of Acts that becomes so vital to the hurting. Matthew Henry says, “There is a complicated sweetness in Christ and an abundance of it; there is a bundle of myrrh and a cluster of camphire. Christ lays the beloved disciples in his bosom; why then should not they lay their beloved Saviour in their bosoms? Why should not they embrace him with both arms, and hold him fast, with a resolution never to let him go?” I pray that in some small way that these blogs will be a blessing to you and you feel the “redemptive song” through the pages. He sings to all of us and beckons us to step into his dance……