Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19

It is our privilege and obligation to support missionaries locally and worldwide. Throughout the year, we collect Missions’ offerings to support various missionaries and missionary efforts. Contact us for information on how to contribute financially to these various areas of ministry.

ACM Ministries is a faith-based ministry which was planted in the heart of Aurora Castillo on a short missionary trip to Uganda in 2001. Her obedience to God’s calling is what birthed ACM Ministries. The Lord put the love of Africa in her heart. She works in remote villages in Uganda.

Over the past decade, ACM has been blessed to have opened 6 churches and 2 schools in remote villages of Uganda. We are believing for more permanent structures so that the children of Victory Christian Academy Busuma have a school building to learn in. In 2010, we had approximately 35 children in a school under a tent and now have over 350 children. Classes are still held under tents donated to us by Victory Fellowship . But we are now in the middle of building them their very own large scale school, through gifts and donations/ We are believing that by next year our students will have a school building to call their own. So they can have somewhere to learn how to read and write.

For more information,visit Aurora’s website www.acmministries.com.

ACM Ministries

Anna is a vibrant Bible Teacher whose passion is to teach, encourage, and equip people everywhere to know Christ, walk in their divine destinies, and live the overcoming life found in Christ alone.

With excitement and love for the Bible, Anna oftentimes uses practical illustrations to unfold vital Bible truths.In addition to the life transforming truth, “Ye must be born again.” (John 3:3), Anna says ‘knowing who you are in Christ’ and the truth that we are ‘saved by grace and not of works’ has literally revolutionized her life. (Ephesians 2:8-For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.)

“Coming Up Higher” – Every month Anna conducts a large meeting for women in the New Orleans area known as “Coming Up Higher”. Women from all denominations attend.

In addition to monthly ‘Coming Up Higher’ meetings, Anna and her team conduct a large conference for both men and women every June, called, “Mirror Mirror”. What started out as a conference for teenage girls and young adults, has now grown into a full blown conference for both men and women and in June of 2016, the conference will expand to two full days and is being renamed Mirror Mirror’s “Kingdom Fest”. Hundreds upon hundreds of people are being reached for Christ through these conferences. The vision for ‘Kingdom Fest’ is to reach the entire S.E. of Louisiana for Christ!

For nearly 10 years, off and on, Anna has been doing Christian radio. Her current broadcast, “A Future and a Hope with Anna Donahue” continues to impact many and is used as a resource tool to all who listen. These broadcasts are heard all throughout S.E. Louisiana.

Anna has written two mini books entitled, “Determined” and “It’s Time for a Fresh Start”, and she has many DVD teachings and tapings of her messages. (www.annadonahueministries.com)

Anna and her team travel as well as hold their own conferences here in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

Hands and Feet – At the close of 2010, Anna began having a tremendous ‘burden’ for the homeless population of the city of New Orleans, La. Says Anna, “I had an overwhelming ‘burden’ as I pictured men and women making their beds on the cold, cold sidewalks of the inner city streets of New Orleans, La. In particular, I could hardly keep from crying as I thought of how cold their ‘hands’ and their ‘feet’ must get! Hence, ‘Hands and Feet’! She was able to form a partnership with her home church where volunteers meet regularly and fill goodie bags with socks, gloves, toothbrushes and sandwiches and distribute them to the homeless. *Please click the ‘Hands and Feet’ Menu Page on the website to view photos!

Radio – For nearly 10 years, off and on, Anna has been doing radio. She began in 2003 with “Hidden Riches from the Word of God” with Anna Donahue, and continued with “An Encouraging Word with Anna Donahue” thereafter. Anna is continuing her program, renaming her show, “A Future and A Hope” with Anna Donahue. These broadcasts are heard all throughout S.E. Louisiana. *Please click the Radio Menu Page on the Website and listen to any and all of Anna’s broadcasts! She also continues to host and share her teachings on radio during the radio station’s Share-A-Thon fund raisers. (Life Songs Radio, 89.1 FM)

Mini-book – Anna has two mini books, It’s Time for A Fresh Start and ‘DETERMINED!’ Her ‘DETERMINED’ mini book is in its 2nd printing and accompanies her most recent Mirror Mirror 8 ‘DETERMINED’ Women’s Conference (which is also available on DVD). Anna and her team are currently working on a “Mirror Mirror” book with accompanying workbook. Anna has a ‘library’ of thorough notes in which she loves to offer her attendees whenever possible. She has CDs and DVD’s of her teachings.

Bethesda College Instructor – Anna is in her 7th year as a Bible College Teacher for Bethesda College located at Victory Fellowship Church in Metairie, La.

Anna Donahue Ministries

After years of serving on staff at Victory Church, God called Debra Hoffman to start a ministry in the inner-city neighborhood of New Orleans known as Hollygrove. She had no idea what tools she would need to walk out this vision until she was teamed (by God) with Rachel De La Rosa. Raised in poverty, Rachel spent years ministering to the broken and homeless in Atlanta. She moved to New Orleans to help with hurricane Katrina recovery efforts spearheaded by Victory Church. Both women bring unique gifts to the ministry.

In 2009 Debra and Rachel launched Jesus Project Ministries (JPM) after several years of ministering in Hollygrove and other parts of New Orleans. God has called JPM to reach and disciple children, youth and adults living in impoverished and marginalized communities; to train and encourage the body of Christ in cross-cultural understanding and compassionate action; and to bring the Kingdom of God to our cities and nations through education, mentorship and ministry.

Initially the ministry started with a free nine-week summer camp in June 2009. That first year about twelve children faithfully came to the summer Bible camp and since that summer it has continued to grow. Camp days are amazing! They combine neighborhood children, college-age interns and missions teams from around the U.S. On any given day in camp, about 75 local kids, interns and Christians on missions trips join together to study the Bible, sing, dance and color their way to a deeper walk with Christ.

When the first summer camp ended In August 2009, the neighborhood children asked JPM if they would start an “after-school camp.” In this way, the Apple Street Learning Center was launched “out of the mouth of babes.” This program is a huge blessing to the community. JPM has helped students who are currently college honor students. And today the at the Apple Street Learning Center there may be a kindergartner learning their numbers and beside them sits a high school student working on their science projects. It is an immense joy to the leaders and regular volunteers who every day watch struggling students become lifelong learners. But most importantly, these young learners are becoming disciples of Christ.

Although the summer camp and Apple Street Learning Center anchor the work of Jesus Project, building community is the true calling God has placed on the hearts of Debra and Rachel. Bible studies for the youth and senior citizens as well as community outreaches are strengthening and transforming this neighborhood.

Bringing the solution of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to the forgotten places in our cities is God’s clear mandate to JPM. A key part of Jesus Project’s ministry is to help the body of Christ understand cross-cultural ministry by providing a place where two communities can come together. Christians, when they more clearly understand the roots of poverty and all the disadvantages and destruction it causes in our communities, are willing to invest their lives to bring a change. Jesus Project Ministries provides access for the Body of Christ to come, to spend themselves on behalf of the hungry and to satisfy the needs of the oppressed, so that our light will rise in the darkness, and our “night will become like noonday.” (Isa 58:10) It is the heart desire of Jesus Project Ministries to see the Body of Christ “rebuild the ancient ruins and raise up the age-old foundations” and to be called “the Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.” (Isaiah 58:12)

Jesus Project Ministries

James and Christina both had a dream of moving to Shanghai, China since they were a young couple living in Manila, Philippines. In 2010, Learning Beyond Academy was formed as they pursued the dream of meeting needs in Shanghai. Charity Dream Shanghai followed and was officially launched in July of 2011. In September 2011, Shanghai Healing Home opened its doors to care for Chinese orphans specifically those born with cleft lip and palet. In August 2016, James and Madelynn Weidner ventured to Taipei for a season of transition after not being allowed to return to China. Christina and the rest of their family continued back to Shanghai for the next 4 months joining James and Maddy by November. All China initiatives begun a transition into the hands of their Directors and continued to grow and move forward today.

In December 2017 the Weidner’s moved back to their home town New Orleans – Louisiana. Shortly after hitting the ground it became clear that they were to launch a new initiative on the Northshore of NOLA. In April 2018, on Resurrection Sunday, James & Christina launched of R.E.A.C.H. Community in Covington, LA. For more information, visit https://charity-dream-shanghai.squarespace.com/.

Shanghai Healing Home