Bethesda College has been a major part of Victory Church since the earliest days of our ministry. I love the opportunity this school gives us to prepare men and women for the ministry. There are several key ingredients that are essential to equip ministers for the work of the gospel. First is our emphasis on teaching of the scripture. Our classes are Bible based and give our students an opportunity to saturate in the word of God. Second is our emphasis on the anointing. The power of signs and wonders have never been more needed than in today’s world. We need more than just human information, we desperately need the power of the Spirit to prepare us for effective ministry. Bethesda also gives us an opportunity for hands on training. Our church has a multitude of ministry opportunities for preparation. Everything from our Mary’s Song for young women, street evangelism in the French Quarter, as well as a variety of other church ministries including everything from young adults, youth, children, and family small group ministry. If you are called into the ministry Bethesda is a great place to receive the training that you will need.

For Revival,

Pastor Frank Bailey
Founder and President

A Letter From Our President

Bethesda College is a member of the Accrediting Commission International, the world’s largest non-government school accrediting association. A.C.I. accredits 200 schools in the United States and in 9 other continents, with 21,000 students. The A.C.I. is an independent accrediting agency that exists to help the religious world to obtain accreditation that is not government affiliated. They specialize in seminary and bible colleges. All A.C.I. member schools accept credits from other member schools if the credits apply to their programs. This form of ministry accreditation is not recognized by the United States Department of Education, but is recognized by most churches, ministry institutions, and ministry organizations.

Accreditation & Degrees

Students can enroll in courses full time (12-15 hours) or part time Tuition is $200 per course or $650 for full time. Tuition is due prior to the beginning of each semester or you may pay at minimum of $100.00 at registration and the remaining balance is due at midterm. Book fees are not included in tuition and may vary per class.

Financial Information