Make A Pledge

We started this campaign with a total debt on our property of $2,600,000. To date, we have received a total of $1,400,000 that has been applied towards our goal. WOW!

We have a total of $1,200,000 remaining to be paid until our debt is fully paid off! Some have given their entire pledge already and many others are well on their way to completing their pledge.

We are asking each church member to Pray, Listen, and Obey God as to what He would have them do to accomplish this goal. It is not about equal gifts, it is about equal sacrifice.

Count me in!
I understand the Stewardship Principle of God’s Word; and with a cheerful heart; I am committing to give what the Lord has laid upon my heart.

Per the instructions to ask for God’s guidance throughout this Stewardship Journey; I am following the direction of our Pastor by being obedient to what God has spoken to me.

over the next two years